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StUpEd WoRlD

...beginning... Narkaman 

1. That who will write though a word in Russian without mine on that permissions will be instantly removed!
2. Those who will not write comments on the subject (exception - my friends) will be removed immediately!

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вторник, 23 октября 2012 г.
skydiving Narkaman 19:21:57
WTF? Why it is impossible? By the way, "impossible" in English and French written identically...
I mean, why smart people don't come up as we fly? this could be funny...
I wanna try to fly on wingsuit...

Музыка Hurts - Silver Lining
понедельник, 14 ноября 2011 г.
F*ck! Narkaman 18:43:07
there are many children here!
hate children!
hellllllllllllllllll­l Narkaman 18:15:19
As always try to write something stupid and brutal:
To hell with wireless mouse, they are the real shit!
вторник, 18 октября 2011 г.
Param pam pam! Narkaman 21:31:05
I miss some people here present but, hell, I know that is worth a visit they still will not!

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среда, 9 марта 2011 г.
"Letter from past" Narkaman 22:24:14
"Dear Maria,
It's me, again. I really glad that you always remember me. It was best summer in my life. I never forget like we escape. And i never forget you magical smile under moonshine. I hope we'll meet again.
With love your Mark!"

They never meet again, but they never forget...

Good or bad? How do you think?
суббота, 26 февраля 2011 г.
Time, time, time,,,, Narkaman 17:27:51
Long time I did not come here! Meet me Losers, The King is back!) And I'm angry! Why you ask? Because English-language site again destroyed the freaks!
So the "honorable" Russifiers be "happy"!
четверг, 30 сентября 2010 г.
Tired Narkaman 19:06:04
Why is all of me waiting for something? Am I special? Chaos in my head flourishes and name him the "I" ... to you, this did not happen!) Tired of me being in the spotlight. When they leave me alone?)
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вторник, 28 сентября 2010 г.
???? Narkaman 18:46:37
Why does everyone keep asking "How do you" or "Are you from Russia? people here are almost all Russian! Tired!
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пятница, 17 сентября 2010 г.
Narkaman 20:46:53
Запись только для зарегистрированных пользователей.
среда, 10 февраля 2010 г.
phhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Narkaman 19:05:24
Worth just here to appear .. all immediately disappeared! What I deserve it?
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суббота, 26 декабря 2009 г.
Show must go on!!!!! Narkaman 18:51:00
Freddie Mercury is a absolutely Greatest person in this awful world!!!!

Музыка Freddie Mercury - Show must go on
Настроение: // normal \\
Хочется: Chocolate may be...
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суббота, 8 августа 2009 г.
[}...thoughts on the ennobled...{] Narkaman 19:22:46
Sometimes i think that only me here entertain public...
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среда, 5 августа 2009 г.
[}...about problems...{] Narkaman 19:57:09
Listen people, it concerns all and everyone: Problems does not exist! All our problems only our imagination! It is opened and is proved by the world laws of psychology!
Problems are not present! All these "problems" - situations from which can be found thousand exits. Examples:
"Problems" with parents: explain to the parents the position, and after listen to their opinion on a question exciting you and only so you will come to a determination. If they do not want you to listen tell "mum the daddy I not the small child I is a teenager who has a head on shoulders and you should understand it!".
"Problems" with the girl-friend (guy): talk to it and try without a superfluous expression, etc. things to come to the mutual decision.
"Unrequited love" or "the broken heart": all is lie and auto-suggestion as soon as you it will understand that quickly forget it and sometime tell "really I loved this silly woman / this moron".
Etc. if something similar excites you, write me the personal message and I will help you if to me it is on forces! I promise!

P.S.: Excuse that used the translator however it there was a unique chance to write all in English and not to loosen even more strongly mine and so weak nerves... sorry...

Музыка saosin - come close
Настроение: ... not good, not bad...
Хочется: candy))
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понедельник, 27 июля 2009 г.
Little question... Narkaman 20:54:34
That means - LOL????????????????­??????????
I know i'm stuped boy))))
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воскресенье, 26 июля 2009 г.
....................­....................­....................­.............. Narkaman 13:10:50
nasty mood.... want poison!

I don't know what happen with me... I hate my life!... i wanna be in another place.... i wanna be far far far from here... business is sucks!.......)
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суббота, 25 июля 2009 г.
Hi guys)) Narkaman 13:20:50
Anyone know are little-known college-rock music? It's very important!
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StUpEd WoRlD

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